About Lensor

About Lensor

About Lensor

Lensor is an award-winning Dutch startup. With an international team of 20 highly motivated employees, we develop innovative systems for the automated inspection of vehicles for damage using AI. The underlying motivation is to save time and money and make life more pleasant for us all. We facilitate an increase in delivery and rental transactions, reduce overheads and simplify recovering claims for damage.

Meet the team

How we got started

Lensor all began with a master’s thesis on vehicle inspection using Artificial Intelligence. After a couple of years of parttime development, this became a fulltime challenge, drawing on increasingly more expertise and passion. Inside two years, Lensor has grown to become a company with 20 highly motivated employees who work on the optimisation and expansion of our innovative solutions every day.

Part of Pon

With Pon as our investor, we dispose of a solid basis for expanding the Lensor startup in the Netherlands to become a powerful developer and international supplier of automated vehicle inspection systems.

Meet the team



Open application

Are you creative, hardworking, and passionate about working at a startup? Then we would love to receive your application!

Core values

We pioneer

Lensor comprises a team of tech enthusiasts who are keen to present self-developed innovative solutions to the market. We are pioneers in a world where technology and AI meet to simplify and make vehicle inspections affordable. Never been done before? Yes we (s)can!

We deliver

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than offering our customers and users true added value. Our focus lies on the development of products and services that effectively satisfy customer needs. We dream big, but take little steps to achieve success. On our way to realising our long-term objectives.

We innovate

We are motivated to stimulate creativity and innovation to build advanced technologies. True customer value lies in the development of actual innovative products and services. This requires a certain level of experimentation and daring to take risks to attain valuable outcomes.

We care

We care about our team, society and the environment. Cooperation, enjoyment and friendliness are the pillars of our culture. We appreciate unique perspectives and recognise their contribution to our success. We minimise our environmental impact and strive to always apply AI responsibly and ethically.


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