Why Lensor?

Why Lensor?

The right solution for every situation

Anyone involved in fleet management will confirm that claims for damage do not run efficiently, have too high an impact on costs and can lead to disagreements. Lensor helps you to automate your vehicle inspections. Easy, valuable and with many other benefits!


Save time on your work processes

With Lensor’s inspection solutions, you can improve the efficiency and simplify the inspection of vehicles. Saving you time and money.


Step away from awkward disagreements about damage

Arguments can develop with a vehicle driver when damage occurs. Lensor ensures that you always have all the information at your fingertips to help you defuse arguments or situations. And in doing so, process more claims.


Increase your capacity and productivity

Automated vehicle inspections facilitate more deliveries and rental transactions, lower the overheads and simplify recovering claims for damage.

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Why customers choose us

Within just minutes of a vehicle passing through the LUX gate, an accurate and detailed inspection report is generated. This saves fleet owners and rental companies a lot of time and money, gets the maximum from work processes and improves the customer and employee experience.

Objective perspective

It resolves damage disputes with an objective perspective.

Operations Manager, Rental company


It saves me a tremendous amount of time.

Director, Rental company

Professional and transparent

The objectivity of the solution demonstrates the professionalism and transparency of our company to our customers.

Operations manager, Auto dealer


Make the damage process more efficient and cost-effective

  • Save time and money
  • Ascertaining who caused the damage
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Improve the customer experience
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Fully automated process of damage detection down to the smallest detail

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