How it works

How it works

More than 50 sharp images in just 10 seconds. Completely automatic.

Every vehicle that leaves or enters the company site is driven slowly through the LUX gate. In less than 10 seconds, the Lux Gate automatically records 50 to 100 razor-sharp images - from bumper to bumper and from roof to sill. The driver and any passengers are automatically made unrecognizable with AI. So LUX is entirely in line with GDPR legislation.

Save time and money

With LUX, we help you to optimise work processes. Increase your efficiency and charge more often for damage.

Improve process efficiency

With Lux, which automates processes and utilises AI, you can avoid human errors and boring paperwork.

Ascertaining who caused the damage

In the case of damage, and especially if there is a difference of opinion, you have all the information at your fingertips to resolve this.

Improve the customer experience

Through employing a LUX gate, you improve the customer experience for your customers, drivers and your brand.

Step 1

New route

Every time drivers change or at the start/ end of a rental transaction, the vehicle is driven slowly through the LUX gate.

Step 2

In the LUX gate

Inside 10 seconds, the LUX gate makes more than 50 high-quality scans of the entire vehicle. The driver and any passengers in the images are automatically made unrecognizable with AI. So completely GDPR proof.

Step 3

Results in the portal

Immediately after the vehicle has been driven through the LUX gate, all the data is stored digitally. Simply view the inspection in the Lensor portal. Or we can integrate it in your own systems.

Step 4

Next step: automated damage inspections

After just a few months of using the LUX gate, the algorithm will be trained and ready to detect damage to your vehicles. This boosts the optimisation of your processes.

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