How it works

How it works

Within 10 seconds and fully automated more than 50 pin-sharp images or a complete vehicle inspection with A.I.

Every vehicle that leaves and enters your business premises drives slowly through the LUX gate or the covered UMBRA light tunnel. This makes 50 to 100 pin-sharp images - from bumper to bumper and from roof to sill (LUX) or a complete vehicle inspection with A.I. (UMBRA) - fully automated within 10 seconds. The driver and any passenger(s) are automatically anonymised with A.I. This makes our solutions fully compliant with the GDPR legislation.

Save time and money

We help you to create transparency with LUX or UMBRA and to optimize business processes. Increase your efficiency and claim more damages.

Improve process efficiency

With LUX, which automates processes and utilises AI, you can avoid human errors and boring paperwork.

Solve damage disputes

Disputes about damage are annoying. With LUX or UMBRA you have all the information at hand to resolve them without any doubt.

Improve the experience of customers and employees

Through employing a LUX gate, you improve the customer experience for your customers, drivers and your brand.

Step 1

New route

Every time drivers change or at the start/ end of a rental transaction, the vehicle is driven slowly through the LUX- or UMBRA gate.

Step 2

In the gate

Within 10 seconds, the LUX gate makes a complete inspection of the vehicle, consisting of more than 50-100 high quality images. The UMBRA gate performs a complete vehicle inspection with A.I. within 10 seconds. The photos showing the driver and any passengers are automatically anonymised. Fully GDPR proof.

Step 3

Results in the portal

Immediately after the vehicle has left the LUX or UMBRA gate, all data is digitally stored in a consistent manner. You can easily view the inspections in the Lensor portal or we integrate this with your own systems.

Step 4

Automated vehicle and damage inspections

After you have used the LUX gate for a few months, the algorithm is trained and ready to detect damages on your vehicles. This further optimises your processes. The UMBRA gate is immediately able to perform detailed damage inspections automatically and make comparisons of vehicles based on license plate.

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