Fully automated damage detection down to the smallest detail

The UMBRA gate is our latest and very advanced, covered light tunnel for automated inspection of vehicle damages. UMBRA is specially developed for passenger cars and uses advanced A.I. technology. The UMBRA tunnel has 15 cameras, which take 300 images within 10 seconds. Thanks to different camera techniques and A.I. technology, even the smallest damage is flawlessly established. Also on black paint! The system indicates exactly where the damage is located. So you don't have to go through the images yourself.

Save time and money

UMBRA helps you to optimize business processes, increase efficiency and get more return from damages.

Prevent damage disputes

Disputes about damage are annoying. With UMBRA every damage is very clear and transparent. The images leave no room for discussions!

Inspections under all conditions

The cameras in the UMBRA tunnel take razor sharp and very detailed images, regardless of the external conditions, thanks to the high-quality lighting techniques.

Technology for unprecedented quality

Thanks to the application of light diffusers and structure or zebra light, the quality of the images is unprecedented. Even when it comes to passenger cars with black paint. Even the smallest damage and hail damage become visible.

Indoor and outdoor

The UMBRA light tunnel can be used both indoors and outdoors. You decide where you want to place the UMBRA gate.

Modular construction

The UMBRA light tunnel is modularly constructed. We have parts in stock and they are quick to replace.

Full inspection

From roof to sill, the UMBRA gate quickly and fully inspects every passenger car.

Improve the experience of customers and employees

The UMBRA gate ensures an efficient and very transparent process. Your employees and customers will certainly appreciate this.


Full vehicle inspection and damage report

The UMBRA light tunnel makes a full vehicle inspection within 10 seconds, based on 300 razor sharp and detailed images. The damage report is immediately available.


Indoor and outdoor

You decide where you want to place the UMBRA gate. It can be either inside or outside. UMBRA works 24/7 smoothly, fully automated and under all weather conditions.


Flawless distinction between damage and dirt

Thanks to the innovative cameras, high-quality lighting solutions and smart software, UMBRA makes a flawless distinction between damage and dirt on the car.


All info in the customer portal

All images, data and damage reports can be found quickly and easily in the customer portal. All data is stored securely and is available 24/7.


Comparison on license plate

Every inspection you make with the UMBRA gate is compared with previous inspections based on license plate information to bring any damages to light even faster.

The unique power of UMBRA

15 high-quality cameras

In the UMBRA light tunnel, 15 very high-quality cameras are integrated. They take super fast 300 razor sharp images from every angle, making a complete vehicle inspection available immediately.

No need to stand still

Employees or customers drive through the UMBRA light tunnel at a maximum speed of 10 km per hour for the most optimal results.

Modular construction

Due to the modular construction, adjustments to the UMBRA gate are easy and quick to make. Parts are in stock and our team is always super quick to help.


Drivers and any passengers are automatically anonymised in the images, making UMBRA fully GDPR-proof.