Increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of damage claims

At the moment, the LUX gate is our completely operational solution. Choosing the LUX gate means opting for a high-end solution, which you can utilise for automated inspections both indoors and outdoors. Let us break down the features and benefits of the LUX gate for you.

Save time and money

With LUX, we help you to optimise work processes. Increase your efficiency and charge more often for damage.

Ascertaining who caused the damage

In the case of damage, and especially if there is a difference of opinion, you have all the information at your fingertips to resolve this.

Also for inspections in the dark

With the LUX gate, you can continue inspecting for damage in the dark using the infrared camera or additional lighting.

Improve process efficiency

With Lux, which automates processes and utilises AI, you can avoid human errors and boring paperwork.

Suitable for vehicles of any height

From passenger cars to trucks with trailers, the LUX gate is suitable for vehicles of any height.

Modular construction

The LUX gate is built entirely modular, so replacing just the defect component is possible.

Indoor and Outdoor

The LUX gate works both indoors and outdoors.

Comprehensive inspection

From roof to doorstep, the LUX gate inspects the entire vehicle.

Improve the customer experience

Through employing a LUX gate, you improve the customer experience for your customers, drivers and your brand.


Comprehensive vehicle inspections

In a mere 10 seconds, the Lux gate automatically records more than 50 razor-sharp images of the vehicle - from bumper to bumper and from roof to sill.


Indoor and Outdoor

The LUX gate has been developed for use both indoors and outdoors, for 24/7 smooth running and completely automated in all weather conditions.


All information in the customer portal

All the images and data collected by the LUX portal are recorded in a consistent way in our portal within a few seconds. You can access the portal 24/7.

The power of the Lux

16 cameras

Each LUX gate post is equipped with four cameras, which together record more than 50 razor-sharp images from every angle, as the vehicle passes through.

No need to stop

The best results are achieved when customers or drivers drive slowly - about 5 km per hour – through the LUX gate.

Modular construction

The modular construction allows for rapid and easy changes to the LUX gate. Spare parts are in stock, and our team is always on hand to help quickly.

GDPR proof

If a driver or passenger is visible in an image, they are automatically made unrecognisable. GPDR proof!


Find out why they love Lux


It saves me a tremendous amount of time.

Director, Rental company

Objective perspective

It resolves damage disputes with an objective perspective.

Operations Manager, Rental company

Professional and transparent

The objectivity of the solution demonstrates the professionalism and transparency of our company to our customers.

Operations manager, Auto dealer