Two escapes room and the King

Two escapes room and the King

At Lensor we want to make sure we have time to bond as a team outside of work. Therefore we organize team outings. This time we chose to explore 2 different escape rooms.

Before continuing writing about this team event, you need to know I am very jumpy when it comes to shock effects (something they love to add to the escape room experience). 

We split the group into 2 teams. One team went to the Laboratory room, where they had to face the infamous Doctor Steiner. He has gone completely insane and the room takes you back to a mysterious and cold ambiance of 72 years ago.

While I was part of the other team where we went into The Dome. Where we had to participate in several tests in a research facility. At the same time, in this room the life-threatening criminal cyborg Hector undergoes a (Controlled Molecular Neuro Transmission) treatment. Long story short; Hector manages to hack THE DOME's system with his internal computer.

The result; the escape of an extremely high dose of Sodium Cyclate into THE DOME's research space. Where we were intoxicated by this substance and from then on enter a hallucination where the line between reality and fantasy is completely blurred. 

Without giving away too much, it truly felt like we were continuously in a different world!

All and all I jumped 6 times and screamed only twice, I would say it was a successful outing. As we splitted the group into 2 teams, we thought it would be nice to have dinner together afterwards. We went to Utrecht for a nice meal in the city center. 

As it was the 26th of April, which means on that evening we start celebrating the birthday of the king. On every square in Utrecht there were bands, DJ’s and people dancing, so after dinner we joined the crowd to show off some moves!

I think it was a very successful night, we had lots of fun and I bet we will do this again soon! Did you get enthusiastic about our team culture? Check out our job openings!